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Transgender Inquiry

In January 2008 the Human Rights Commission published To Be Who I Am/Kia noho au ki toku ano ao, the report of the Transgender Inquiry. The focus is now on implementing the Inquiry’s recommendations and other suggested actions. This requires work by the Human Rights Commission, government agencies, trans people and the wider community. Latest news New passports policy

There is a new, simpler policy for changing sex / gender identity details on a NZ passport.

The policy applies to anyone wishing to change their sex / gender identity details, including trans and intersex people. The three options are M (male), F (female) or X (indeterminate/unspecified). There are more details on the NZ Passports’ website here:

New trans resources for schools Trans youth and teachers helped the Commission develop two FAQs for schools. These provide the information that schools often need so that they are able to support trans students and their families. These FAQs are part of 11 online resources published by the Commission. Trans People: Facts and Information also includes workshop outlines, links to community groups, and specific resource lists for employers, health professionals and those working with children and young people. New guidelines about trans health.

On 1 August 2011 the Ministry of Health published the online version of Gender Reassignment Health Services for Trans People within New Zealand. The Ministry will look at seeking funding for reviewing this document in 2 years time, which is the normal practice for guidance such as this. On 25 September the international standards of care  for the health of trans people were significantly revised.

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Click on the links below to read about the Inquiry’s five areas for immediate attention: increasing participation of trans people in decisions that affect them strengthening the legal protections making discrimination against trans people unlawful improving access to health services, including gender reassignment services simplifying requirements for change of sex details on a birth certificate, passport and other documents giving urgent attention to the significant human rights issues experienced by intersex people.

If you have a question about the Transgender Inquiry or would like to tell us what action you have taken on the Inquiry’s recommendations, please contact: Jack Byrne, Project Manager, Post: Human Rights Commission, P O Box 6751, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141 or email:

If you have a complaint or enquiry about discrimination because you are trans, please contact:


Phone: 0800 496 877 (toll free)


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