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(B)6.11.1957  (D) 14.10.15


It is with great sadness that our Yvette -Renee Langlois
(AKA Chris) has passed away. I will always remember when Yvette first came to Wellington.
Sharelle Val Dez ( Eynon) was living at 36 Jessie Street Wellington in the early 70's with a house full of young queen's including myself Natalia, Millie,  Jimmy (aka Nicci) Young Sheba, Serena  & Laura  when she  brought Yvette  down from Auckland. 

Once in Wellington Yvette blossomed to become the beautiful star that she was renown for. Rest in peace.  Here some pictures of her from her facebook page.


Those who knew Yvette well will remember some of these videos which were her favourites through the years.

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