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Focusing on the present

Today is a day that comes around only once before it becomes ‘the past’. Today is a time frame of 24 hours that goes as quickly as it arrives. Today is also what makes up our history. What we do today can and does affect our lives.  

Tapatoru would like to contribute to today in many ways. There will be opportunities when Tapatoru would like to be with trans friends and whanau to enjoy ‘today’ and contribute to good memories.  

Eventually Tapatoru would like to organise the types of gatherings that would extend to our Maori trans whanau and that would inspire them to join in and enjoy themselves. We believe that our whanau deserve more than what is currently out there, and that we need ‘by trans – for trans’ events, so that our spirit feels connected and we embrace connectedness through unified action and a united voice in things we would like to do for our aging Maori trans whanau.  

We know that life is too short because when we do meet up, we look around to see who is not there or who has passed away and we reflect that with sadness. So we now need to make the most of our time together and one step further would be to assist Tapatoru in its work through support and participation.

When we discussed the topic of focusing on 'Today', we came up with some points that reflect exactly what we would like to focus on in our work:

- we believe we are a whanau/family and we look after each other and get on;
- our uniqueness is what contributes to our vibrant and colourful community;
- keeping things simple is what is more effective than complex and jargon;
- we show our support in numbers and a unifed voice with good intention toward our people;
- always it is about uplifting our wairua/spirit, and leading proudly by example;
- boundaries - what boundaries? We have no boundaries to our successes!
- savvy in today's world means living in both worlds confidently;

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